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(1)THE hottest and sexiest girl in the world. Describes your dream girl.

(2) When a chick is so hot, there is no other way to describe her.
(1) "Yeah dude! My new slampeice is a total Alayna!"

(2) "She's amazing... There is no way to describe how perfect she is other than... She's just so.. Alayna"
by MoMoney! December 01, 2010
A complex creature. She will be bubbly and then snarky. She also commonly suffers from a self-crippling lack of confidence and/or self worth. This trait may not be noticeable at first, since Alaynas are often very good at hiding things as well.
Being acquaintances with Alayna is very different than being friends with her.
by Rela345 September 28, 2012
(1) An extremely talented or smart individual.

(2) Someone who isn't very funny; an awkward person

(3) A term you use to describe the incredible
(1) Whoa, you can tell she knows what she's talking about, she's such an Alayna.

(2) Ugh...that Alayna over there is the cause of many gay babies due to the amount of awkward silences she made.

(3) There's no words for what I'm's.....Alayna.
by Ima Sue Donym July 01, 2011
The smartest and prettiest girl in the world makes other girls jealous of her awesomeness she is also Adams bæ she didn't care wat anyone thinks these a free spirit and very popular
I'm Adam and Alayna is my bæ
by lazee101 April 17, 2016
A Jewish sailor who is constantly sailing for no purpose
Did you see that alayna on the cruise? I think my money is gone!
by Marsrap October 16, 2007
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