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1. Every man's dream. The one woman who will get a guy to settle down. Usually described as beautiful, sweet, caring, sexy, honest, romantic. Gives her all in a relationship.

2. Every girl's best friend. The one to talk and laugh with, who will listen to problems and dry tears when they fall. Usually described as sweet, kind, caring. An honest friend who will never do anything to hurt someone.

3. A woman who never gives up. Independent and strong-willed, she knows what she wants and goes after it. Usually described as strong-willed, opinionated, independent. Nothing holds her back from achieving her dreams.

4. A woman who keeps her head up through hard times. No matter where life takes her she keeps a smile on her face. Usually described as strong. She learns from life experiences and lets them build her up.
1. She's his Sarafina.

2. She's pretty much a Sarafina of a friend.

3. She's got a heart of Sarafina- there's no stopping her.

4. It takes a lot of Sarafina to go through that.
by Ionlydatehotgirls May 30, 2011
A Sarafina is a girl who is extremely hot. They will only date guys that they say are sexy and nice, that meet up to their standards. They are great in bed, and have a nice, tight vagina. They are beautiful inside and out. They are very nice. They have a nice ass.
That girl is good, but she still don't fuck half as well as Sarafina!
by Sukmydik May 30, 2011
noun: thing who eats a lot of bbq potato chips.
german speaking. smells like betsey johnson and wears a football helmet when this thing plays soft ball.

verb: to eat chips, speak german, and be a champ all at once.

noun example: I just want to roll a sarafina in a ball and shove it up my vagina.

verb: I sarafina'd today, we also watched people use home made bowls.

by Edie the tampon February 21, 2009
it mean to suck and betray
sarafinas are untrust worthy people
they sleep with every one and any thing with lips
they also have wide and deep hole
last night was crazy i so sarafina at that party

i so pulled a sarafina with that guy i just met last night
by i turn trickz December 12, 2009
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