n. One who plays video games obsessively.
Bill is such a vidiot. You can't get him away from the console even for free beer.
by DrewZee May 09, 2003
Top Definition
A person habitually consumed in video or computer games to the point of losing contact with the world around him, often evidenced by a blank or glazed look and disheveled appearance.
He's such a vidiot he didn't even look up when the phone rang.
by Sweeby December 22, 2005
A word thought to describe someone who obsesses over videogames but was actually a term used earlier by Ken Nordine, the spoken-word story-telling Jazz musician in his song "The Vidiot" to describe someone who obsesses over television. This term was used before it was applied to games but has now become most popularly associated with them.
Person1 (to Person2): How many hours do you spend a day watching television?"

Person2 (to Person1): Oh... I don't know... about 18...

Person1 (to Person2): You're a total vidiot, man!
by Jon Ingram December 11, 2005
Anyone who would rather spend endless hours in front of a SCREEN; wether it be a computer, HD televison, or your regular 19 inch console in the bedroom. Vidiots may or may not also participate in other related activities, such as watching DVD's, video games (any console) or even massive online role-playing games. Persons subject to this malady will often lack sleep and 3 square meals per day in the persuit of becoming the ultimate vidiot.
We wanted to have a nice vacation; we rented a cabin so we could fish and hike. Tom, however, did not want to go: he had gotten to level 24 and had to help his friends beat a monster in the dungeon.
What a vidiot.
by T_J January 08, 2007
A person whose main source of knowledge, be it scientific, historic etc., comes from TV, video games and Movies.
A vidiot is one who seriously demonstrates the following:

Everything they know about science they learned from Star Trek, The X-Files and Fringe etc..


Everything they know about WWII for example comes from watching WWII movies.
by Taliesyn August 20, 2011
A vidiot - gotten from visual idiot - is a person who believes anything he sees without critically analyzing or rationalizing what he sees.

Vidiotic adj.
1. Kingsley Akpan is not a vidiot - he knows the supposed pool of water on the highway is just a mirage

2. He's such a vidiot - he actually believed that lead actor broke the rock with his fist in real life.

idiot fool
by KayceeMark February 14, 2015
A person that plays video games incessantly to the exclusion of having a life.
My son is a vidiot. All I ever see is the back of his head!
by Wild Woody Rogers January 11, 2012
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