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an extremly lazy hand job. usually done naked but with no emotion, soundless
"What happened with that girl last night?"
"Eh, she only gave me a Pemberton."
by jjbyrd October 07, 2011
The most rockin', handsome man in New York City. Always well dressed with a perfect air of confidence.
Check out Pemberton! Man, he's Rockin'!
by Magaloop October 08, 2008
an "indie" hipster, particularly one of the Christian variety.
"Man, Jonah has been name-dropping Grizzly Bear all throughout today's sermon. What a pemberton."
by Paula W April 15, 2007
a small ass red neck town near whistler,,,homofobic little fuck town
Wow u must be from pemberton.
by sammy June 18, 2006