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someone who is extremely ugly, but then can be slutty and a total bitch. usually very selfish, conceded and cares for themselves and no others. a Verite will stop at nothing to get what she wants. you shouldn't date a Verite because she will use you for your money, powers, clothing, and possibly will use you for sex. therefore you should avoid a Verite at all costs.
Girl 1: Hey, have you seen Verite?
Girl 2: No, I've been avoiding her because she's a total slutty bitch.
by xtAnonymous January 25, 2014
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The act of scissoring when it involves at least one guy, i.e. grinding taints with one or more nutsacks in play.
During Molly's first sexual encounter with a man, she tried to ease into it with a nice bit of verite, but when Charlie started jerking himself off she became queasy and changed her mind.
by klepacki February 14, 2014

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