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The most overrated guy in DBZ. Compared to Goku isn't worth a rotten vegetable (vegetable, lulz got it?), and has way too much fans to be the second in everything almost on a daily basis. The only thing wich saves him is OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND!!!
Vegeta: Inconceivable! Kakarot can't be stronger than... *Gets a molten titanium bar shoved up his ass*
by That guy! look! January 08, 2008
18 105
A character in the DBZ series. Most famous for his phrases such as "Un-beleivable" and "impossible" and "In conceivable". These phrases are like the only things he says in 75% of the frieza saga.
Frieza: I have now reached my ultimate form.

by 1337_shadow February 14, 2005
940 190
Vegeta is the prince of all sayians!! he's is a godly, sexy man who will rip off your balls and blast them to the next dimension if you fuck with him!
"hey Vegeta, you're kinda short"
by Elise May 24, 2004
687 172
1 DBZ Short bad ass sayain jin with an attitude.
Loves to destroy things.
2 to beat someone or something in an overly violent manner.
He got vegeta on the his punk ass.
by Dr Evil December 02, 2003
425 137
Also called 'Bejita' or 'Vejita' in the Japanese language, is short for Vegetable in the Shonen Jump Manga's by Akira Toriyama, the creator of DragonBall Z, in which Vegeta is introduced in the Saiya-jin Saga (English TV version) or the first Dragonball Z graphic novel.
"Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiya-jins, and therefore commands your presence!" (Like anyone listens to the poor guy in the first place)
by Francesca December 20, 2003
388 155
A character from the Dragon Ball Z series, who makes it quite clear that he is the Prince of all Saiyans.
Vegeta: I am the Prince of all Saiyans!

Goku: Uh... Vegeta, we're the only Saiyans left!

Vegeta: Quiet! I'm on to something!
by TheCanCollecter June 28, 2008
260 38
Meaning a proud Saiyan Prince who would kick the shit out of any one. Comming fronm teh show dragonballz.
Vegeta would kick goku's ass
by Prince Vegeta August 11, 2004
317 122
Quite possibly the most badass fucking character ever known. Vegeta/Bejita thrives in situations where any man wishes to set foot in, and comes out a TOTAL FUCKING BADASS every time. It's known that even Tyler Durden, the MacManus brothers, Triple HHH, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, John Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Adolf Hitler worshiped Vegeta, and wished to be half as badass as the Prince of All Saiyans.

Thanks to Vegeta, there is a such thing as "beyond badass."
"You may have invaded my mind, and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...his PRIDE!!!!!"
-The best quote by the legend himself, Vegeta.
by The one who brings justice... March 11, 2011
210 28