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A character in the DBZ series. Most famous for his phrases such as "Un-beleivable" and "impossible" and "In conceivable". These phrases are like the only things he says in 75% of the frieza saga.
Frieza: I have now reached my ultimate form.

by 1337_shadow February 14, 2005
A character on the show Dragon Ball Z. Originally a bad guy in Dragon Ball, the new Piccolo is the son of the old piccolo and is much nicer, but is still mean. He is a namek, and after fusing with kami he is about as strong as a super saiyan.
Piccolo is the best!
by 1337_shadow February 14, 2005
a cool place in the middle of the sea.
I went to heimfel land!
benjamin heimfeld
by 1337_shadow March 16, 2005
wierd ass song made by the japanese band happidai. They look really gay but probably aren't cuz only republicans are gay and since their japanese they can't be republicans.
"Easy rider salad the mall, who dong hide, q qqqq ssss, OHIO!!!"
by 1337_shadow March 21, 2005

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