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'Varg Vikernes' or 'Kristian Vikernes'. The man behind the band 'Burzum'. Vikernes was convicted for killing a member of the band Mayhem ('Euronymous') by stabbing him 26 times in the back. However Vikernes reveals in his memoirs that he infact stabbed him once in the head, and Euronymous simply stumbled onto glass. 'Snorre' (Also from Mayhem) was also convicted of assisting in the murder.

Vikernes is also a very appreciated Philosopher, and continues to write pieces of a nihilistic, pan-europeanist nature from his prison cell.
Man, Varg is so cool when he doesn't have that goatee.
by Chris James Tucker May 08, 2006
Varg Vikernes- a member of the Norwegian metal band Burzum, and a convicted murderer of a fellow band member.

Also a popular alias used on
"Did you hear Varg was on parole again?"

"Omg Varg how r u :*"
by 6nbwfata April 21, 2009
Varg is a word you used to describe something that you disapprove of.
When you see someone acting or looking a mess when you're out some where, you and your friends will say "that's so varge".
by kumshot April 07, 2014
1.26 times in the back
2.To violate or able to violate someone while screaming like your being raped with a hot poker
1. I varged your mom last night
2. that guy looks crazy as a varg
by Gehenna February 27, 2006
(noun)A man of homosexual virtue who thinks he is evil, but is not.
That one "festive" guy in the black metal band Gayhem is a real varg.
by Dr. Wassel May 02, 2005

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