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Software that has been delayed so long that it will never be released.
Duke Nukem Forever was first to be made on the Quake engine, then the Quake 2 engine, then the Unreal Engine, then the Unreal warfare engine, its six years past its release date... face it, its never coming out.
by Kommando July 08, 2004
Anything (usually software, but can be anything) that is promoted and marketed without ever actually being produced.
When I started Vaporware Records, I did so with the idea of never making an album but starting chaos none the less.
by Denis Baldwin June 04, 2004
Vaporware is usually related to a game, such as Duke Nukem Forever, that is always talked about and hyped but never actually completed.
Duke Nukem Forever
by wunderbred April 09, 2003
computer software that is announced but does not yet exist due to being stuck in development or being canceled all together
Duke Nukem Forever has become an infamous example of vaporware.
by The Return of Light Joker August 26, 2008
Software that does not exist or has not been programmed yet.
Streets of Rage for X-Box is an example of vaporware.
by AYB April 09, 2003
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