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Slang version of "fantastic". Used only if your name is Van.
"It's Vantastic!", or "I'm feeling Vantastic today!"
by Van Alexander Mantha-Ware February 04, 2006
80 9
i word spoken during the song "King(s?) of the road", a Piebald song. Also a special attack of the leadsinger, Travis Shettel, in
Hey man!
did ya see my Van?
it was Vantastic!
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 27, 2004
12 62
Insincere praise uttered from behind a forced smile or from a cheesy gameshow host type person that pretends to be jazzed about you or your stupid ideas.
Bob Barker: Where are you from Annie?
old lady: Dumpville Califonia.
Bob Barker: That's vantastic!
by TadpoleBuckshot February 28, 2006
1 63