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Some new form of grammar for the already existing word of vandalize. Vandaling seems to originate from a cardboard sign with the ingenious slogan "stop vandaling education" held up by a *teacher* as form of protest.

No further comments about that.....

May in future be written that way referring to the forgone source or because the person using vandaling is dumb and doesn´t know any better.

Hopefully this word stops existing before becoming a trend.
"Dude, what´s up with this sentence?"
"Lol, you won´t believe it, but I saw this picture on the nets with this teacher chick holding up a sign with that slogan."
"You´re lying aren´t ya?"
"No, it´s true. Never seen it? I´ll show it to ya."

"Vandaling. It´s a perfectly cromulent word."
by Mataza August 26, 2009