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A derogatory term for an exceptionally rich person.
It seems like more and more of these cash chuckers are moving into the neighborhood these days.
by dejaflu October 06, 2009
Sandals that are made out of old Vans shoes.
My old Vans slip-ons have so many holes in them that I decided to turn them into vandals.
by dejaflu May 07, 2010
When you drop a deuce so big that it makes one question reality.
I dropped the biggest matrix deuce the other night. There's no way that thing came out of my anus.
by dejaflu June 02, 2010
Synonym for fart.
Ted ate too much Mexican food last night that I could hardly hear myself think today, thanks to his anal audio.
by dejaflu August 19, 2010
When you pass out, either from lack of sleep or various "chemically induced" methods, on a floor which has been carpeted.
William drank so many beers last night that he was gathering carpet topography data by sunrise.
by dejaflu September 07, 2010
A real nasty vagina. Resembling the innards of a fajita.
Stacy has been around the block one too many times that she is starting to develop a fur fajita.
by dejaflu November 19, 2010
The wondrous feeling of pride one gets when working on their car (e.g. changing a tire).
So I was on the freeway the other day and I got a flat. Next thing I did was pull over to the side of the road and changed it. I can safely say that I had a car owner boner for the rest of that night.
by dejaflu February 04, 2011

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