They were a great band untill faggot Sammy Hagar came along. Not only does his voie suck and a bad frontman, but they started playin pop music.
When they had David Lee Roth, the coolest jew ever, they kicked ass. Eddie van Halen is my favoritest (i know thats not a word) guitarist ever, and is right at the top with Malmsteen and Vai.
Eruption, contrary to what most non-guitarists believe, is not as amazing as some of his other stuff, anmely the opening riff on Hot For Teacher
by IMDan August 11, 2005
First it must always appear in writing as capatilized, it is a name and we must show it respect. One of the best rock super star bands of all time. The Van Halen bros are gangstas. Listen to Van Halen cause it rocks and all other crappy ass pussy rock sucks, and Nicole is a slut, her music is crap.
Ex. 1 The was so awesomeness it was like Van Halen.

Ex. 2 Van Halen!!!!-it speaks for itself.

Ex. 3 Van Halen is gangsta music and maximus mellowness to the Jumpness.
by The Bros October 11, 2004
Van Halen is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The main line-up consisted of Eddie and Alex Van Halen on guitar and drums and Michael Anthony on bass. They started out with David Lee Roth as singer then Sammy Hagar, then Gary Cherone, Hagar again and now back to Roth. Anthony left and Eddie's son Wolfgang Van Halen is the bassist. They have had a lot of great songs like Jump, Hot for Teacher, When It's Love, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Right Now, Dance the Night Away, and of course the greatest solo of alltime, ERUPTION! There are many people who think that when Hagar replaced Roth that they became terrible and that "Van Hagar" was never as good as the Roth years. I say suck it. Both singers were really good. They brought the band to places they wouldn't be before. Hagar gave them four #1 albums. Don't say he's not good. I personally like Roth better but they were both great. Besides, would you rather have had the 10 years with Hagar or 10 years with Gary Cherone? Didn't think so.
VH fan 1: Hey what's your favorites song by Van Halen?
VH fan 2: Mine favorites are When It's Love and Dreams.
VH fan 1: That's cool. I'm more of a Roth guy, so mine are Panama and Mean Street.
VH fan 2: They're good songs.
Chip, the retarded Vh fan: Hey guys.
VH fan 2: Hey Chip
Chip: My favorite song is Fire in the Hole with Gary Cherone.
VH fan 1: Shut up Chip.
by fatjamarcus November 02, 2010
The best mother fucking band to ever step foot on this planet!. They were the best band until a faggot by the name of Sammy Haggar joined. Van Halen went from awesome kick ass rock to shitty ass fuck pop music
"Hey, whats your favourite Van Halen Song?"

"Mines Right Now"

"are you serious, you like that pussy Sammy Haggar?"

"uhh wasnt he the only singer?"

"No you fucktard, David Lee Roth was in it before that pussy was, go listen to old VH albums like VH, VH2, Women and Children First, Diver Down, 1984 and you will see why Haggar is a pussy and why all the other vh albums suck!"

*comes back later*

"Hey dude. i fucking creamed my jeans when i heard Eruption and Runnin with the devil"

"see i told you, but that was too much information"
by Jon Broadway December 21, 2006
A hair rock band from California that could crank out a sound that would turn goat piss into gasoline from 1978 to 1985. During 1985, David Lee Roth, the lead singer, left the group on unhappy terms. His replacement, Sammy Hagar, made something as potent as Van Halen and pussified it so much that it wasn't even recognizable once the change took place.
Listen to "Hot For Teacher" from the "1984" album, then listen to "Why Can't This Be Love" from the "5150" album. "5150" is the rock equivelant of getting your girlfriend pregnant!
by Mikey July 30, 2005
A kickass rock band that started playing in night clubs in california from 1974 to 1977 and then they got noticed in 1978 when they had thier first album "Van Halen" which featured Eruption the most kickass guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen you will ever listen to. In the early 80s they band started fighting because the band thought Diamond Dave (a kickass jew and lead singer) was acting like that Van Halen was Just his backup band and its all about him. So Diamond Dave left the band in 1985. And then...They had to get a new lead singer and that was Sammy Hagar a horrible singer people thought the band was done because of his voice. songs like "Why cant this be love" And "dreams" sounded like freaking pop music. But the band stayed alive for over a decade (the only reason the band stayed alive is because of Eddies kickass guitar playing) Well now Sammy is kicked out of the band and van halen is planning a 2007 summer tour with david lee roth (rumored)
Van Halen Rocks lol!!!!!!!!1

whats ur fav VH song?

Dreams and Why cant this be love!

dude thats not van halen.

its not?

no its van hagar the most horrible band ever!


here (hands him VAN HALEN albums)

damn! these songs rock! Diamond Dave is way better than that faggy bitch Sammy hagar!

i know because its Van Halen.

what are ur fav VH songs now?

"Aint Talkin Bout Love" "Jump" "Panama" "Eruption" "Runnin with the devil" And All The Rest Of Them!!!

by Duayne November 19, 2006
1.) The dude who said, in his guitar player of the year interview, and for all you Jimmy Paige haters out there, I quote, "wow, this is really a shock. It's not like I'm JIMMY PAIGE or anything; I mean, there are a lot of really great guitar players out there, but Jimmy Paige, Jimmy Paige is God. He's definitely my hero man." Suck That.

2.) Not saying that Eddie Van Halen isn't a fuckin' awesome guitar player, he has a few "Sick Nasty" songs. (fans eat your hearts out)but seriously, give Jimmy Paige a freakin break.
wow, there arent really any examples i can give... i used them all up in the definition. but yeah Van Halen is awesome. Not as good as Jimmy Paige, but still fuckin sick.
by Your friends at Pro-Logic II February 06, 2008
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