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A kickass rock band that started playing in night clubs in california from 1974 to 1977 and then they got noticed in 1978 when they had thier first album "Van Halen" which featured Eruption the most kickass guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen you will ever listen to. In the early 80s they band started fighting because the band thought Diamond Dave (a kickass jew and lead singer) was acting like that Van Halen was Just his backup band and its all about him. So Diamond Dave left the band in 1985. And then...They had to get a new lead singer and that was Sammy Hagar a horrible singer people thought the band was done because of his voice. songs like "Why cant this be love" And "dreams" sounded like freaking pop music. But the band stayed alive for over a decade (the only reason the band stayed alive is because of Eddies kickass guitar playing) Well now Sammy is kicked out of the band and van halen is planning a 2007 summer tour with david lee roth (rumored)
Van Halen Rocks lol!!!!!!!!1

whats ur fav VH song?

Dreams and Why cant this be love!

dude thats not van halen.

its not?

no its van hagar the most horrible band ever!


here (hands him VAN HALEN albums)

damn! these songs rock! Diamond Dave is way better than that faggy bitch Sammy hagar!

i know because its Van Halen.

what are ur fav VH songs now?

"Aint Talkin Bout Love" "Jump" "Panama" "Eruption" "Runnin with the devil" And All The Rest Of Them!!!

by Duayne November 19, 2006

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