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A white city in Indiana. Very white. Also, straight. Their flag has a church on it because of all the churches. Hell, even the university has a goddamn church!

Basically if you're not white, rich, straight, cis, law-abiding, and generally a cookie-cutter professional they hate you. Hell, for awhile even in 2010 there was a giant swastika in the entrance to the city.
Valparaiso is a hellhole
by Ihmisen February 18, 2011
It has many luxury neighborhoods, like Shorewood, or there are dumps like Salt Creek Commons. But they have decent schools and have decent enough people, I guess.
In Valparaiso we also call it Valpo, because we are to lazy to say the rest of the name!
by Salt Creek Liver January 10, 2011
A Jesuit word for a Nun's vagina.
Dan: do you think that Nun has ever used that thing?
James: what thing?
Dan: her puss
James: oh, you mean her Valparaiso...probably not.
by db_54 March 21, 2015
it is a tourist city in Chile but very dangerous and poor,
beweare the dogs they will bite you!!
-we are arriving in Valparaiso so keep your watch in your pocket and have some beer with the locals
by pablo bvs September 10, 2006
A small town with much diversity. Excellent school corporation. Much money in the neighborhood, includes prestigious neighborhoods such as aberdeen, shorewood, and many others. Overall nice place to live.
"valparaiso is the nicest place, and everyone is humble about their money and accepts everyone, not cocky like many other places with money, our neighborhoods can easily have gates, but we choose not to, cause we're simply not like that."
by Chubacka April 29, 2006

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