An antique Wooden Boat Built in 1934 the was lovingly restored and is the sistership to Ernest Hemingways boat The "Pillar" Both probubly rotting away some where in the back of a boatyard
Valhalla the boat, that is the example you f in idiot
by fred whipple April 09, 2007
The BEST runepure/main clan in runescape, they claim to be a runepure/tank clan but half of their tanks are melee based. Valhalla is full of nerds like shadow kool1 and they fail at life. This clan was founded by an ugly asian nerd named elvin, he also fails at life.
Dude i heard VH suck balls! Valhalla Noobs!
by shadowkool1 March 19, 2008
Valhalla is a LAN that occurs regularly in South Australia
dude: cant work this weekend, im going to valhalla
by Not HnV December 09, 2004
When you plan on doing something, anything, and you blow it off and go drink!
I was supposed to work out at the end of the day, but Bryan called and I pulled a Valhalla - wound up taking a cab home....
by B. Hanback August 07, 2009
valhalla is a hamlet in the town of Mt. Pleasant, Westchester county, NY. its too small to have its own name, and should just be taken over by neighboring city, white plains. if anything, its known for its school district, which is mediocre at best, and its many cemeteries.

it should also be noted that most women who live in valhalla are soccer moms, because they were too dumb to go to college and get a job, so they just stayed in valhalla and married some fool and had equally stupid children.
i can piss farther than valhalla's city limits.
by I fucking hate valhalla March 19, 2007
Home of the norse gods. VIIIIIIIIIIIKING!
Harald Hadrada worshipped Odin, who lived in Valhalla.
by Gumba Gumba April 11, 2004

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