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A completely awesome person. Harald's are generally trustworthy and caring people. They are fun to chat with and make people smile. Some of them are tall. They might not think believe in themselves but they are definitely worthy of whatever they want. They're also attractive. Harald's are some of the greatest people alive.

Everyone loves a Harald. Everyone should try to be like a Harald
You see that guy over there? He just complimented me. He's such a Harald!
#awesome #nice #worthy #attractive #not useless
by kneekee August 13, 2011
Verb. To Harald
To silently leave a party without saying good bye.

Usually considered quite rude.
-Where's Espen?

-Gone, he just Harald again...
#french exit #irish exit #ghosting #sneake out #vanishing
by Cheesenazi November 13, 2013
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