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This particular type of guy is a loving, respectable, caring and outgoing one...but once in bed, he is a beast and is very attractive, but loyal; will also kick your ass if you fuck with him.
"dude, that Valentino guy is a beast".
"ya, totally..i wish i had that name".
by bd457 July 15, 2010
Valentino comes from the latin word "valens", that means he who has value, valiant or corageous.
It is often associated with romanticism and love.
Woman 1: What is the most romantic name?
Woman2: That must be Valentino
by tittiboy July 14, 2011
a pimp in disguise. women flock to him.he is nice to them all. he can always help a girl in trouble. strong, helpful, masculine,able to fight and extremely kind.
he is such a valentino
by stupid girl 007 September 11, 2010
A male with a lot of women a modern day word for gigolo... A handsome young man that appeals to womens feelings
Valentino is blessed with many women from alicia to janee to zekita. Even though hes bleesed with amny women some he will miss forever or untill summer
by ValentinoDerek July 14, 2006
Best described as a boy with an erection,
Hahaha ! Valentino has a boner , !

(You may swap Valentino's name with the name of the guy with an erection.
by Philly123456 October 20, 2009
Sexc looking guy. Romantic loves women. Has to be cypriot..
the girls love him..
Valentino the kypreo.Vitha 89
by Valentino166 September 21, 2006
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