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a serious condition when couples in love show ;

1.signs of PDAs (public displays of affection)
2.loving gazes into each others eyes of gifts roses for the women
5.romantic dinner plans
6.spending some 1 on 1 time alone

note:for some this is just another over hyped advertised holiday
"sighhhhh.....<'s valentine's day"

"cant wait to see my boyfriend/husband"

"those flowers/roses are for me :D" "xoxo"

"i love you sweety baby boo boo bear <3"

"xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox infinity"

||~~~~~"my o my that is some serious valentinitis"~~~~~||

/////||~~~and they lived happily ever after~~~||\\\\\
by faiiiiiryGodDuster February 14, 2008

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