The kid with the highest GPA in high school. Stereotypically spends all free time doing homework, studying, and not having friends. Occasionally will actually be a raw-ass kid who wings every test, turns in homework 2 months late, and just chills instead of working 10 times harder like the #2 kid. May even have friends and not have a stuck-up attitude. May even have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

K maybe not that last one, but hey, one can dream
Student 1: Dude that chick studies way too much
Student 2: Yeah she def does, even on Friday and Saturday nights
Student 1: She's probably gonna be valedictorian
Student 2: Lol sucks to be her
Student 1: Lol

Student 1: Dude that kid must study all the time and have no friends to get so smart
Student 2: No dude, he's a major slacker and he's pretty alright and legit
Student 1: Oic
Student 2: Ya
Val: 'sup bros
Student 1: 'sup dude
Student 2: I heard you were gettin' it
Val: Nah I'm definitely not gettin' it from anyone, being smart doesn't count for shit with the ladies
Student 1: Damn
Student 2: Shit nigga
by Skull64 March 31, 2010
Top Definition
The student with the highest academic rank in a class who delivers the valedictory at graduation.
My sister was the valedictorian at school
by Malakai April 02, 2006
The best person from a class, usually selected on grades, school activities and character/leadership. Also delivers the valedictory at graduation ceremonies.
Jimmy was valedictorian of his high school, he had a 4.0, was starting quarterback, and lead his debate team to nationals.
by patrick wood April 18, 2006
The schools biggest nerd
Wow that valedictorian should get a medal for being the biggest nerd
by Skier1997um May 25, 2015
the smartest,lonliest person in a graduating class. when someone tries for valedictorian, they lose all their their spare time, these valadictorians do homework, read, and play hackysack with and occasional guitar break.
girl one: wow look at that kid playing hacky sakc
girl 2: ew i know....hes valedictorian
by nay and amers June 10, 2006

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