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Also known as Prom usually in USA.
A place were students,pupils and Teachers from a high school have an opportunity to meet up for one last time before they leave school and begin work or college.They will dress up in large dresses and suits to fit the formal dress-code and show up in strech limos. Awards will be given for their hard work and effort and usually a pupil or student will be named the valedictorian. Usually the meeting will include a meal and dancing to finish of the get together.
Many pupil's and student's will get drunk at an after party were they will be let loose to burn of all their immature behavior before going into the working world, many parties will also include teachers (who will mainley show them selfs up).
Wasn't it just amazing at the Valedictory last night?
Ye, can't beleave sir did that!
by drumandbassking June 23, 2011
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