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When a man doesn't wear underwear under his clothes, it's called going commando or freeballing (because, you know, his balls are dangling freely). Now, when a woman doesn't wear underwear, what's that called? The term freeballing doesn't exactly work because, you know, women don't have balls. Hence, the term "vajayjay alfresco."
One should never -- and I mean *never* -- go vajayjay alfresco while riding a bicycle and wearing a miniskirt.
by FUNKYBROWNCHICK January 06, 2007
A reminder, to a woman, to maintain her place in the matriarchy and to be brave and daring despite insecurities.
FEMALE FRIEND: I'm dating this guy, but he never remembers my birthday and he always hits on my female friends in front of me.
SUPERGIRL: Ovary up, and dump that asshole!
by FUNKYBROWNCHICK January 06, 2007
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