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Shortened pronounciation of vagina
Shes got a Vaj porn stars would get lost in
by Berty March 10, 2003
Another way of saying Vagina, or Vag. Used by Mrs. Garrison in South Park episode "Mr. Garrison's fancy new vagina", in which he says "Who wants to pound my vaj!".
I'll never forget the first vaj I smelled.
#vagina #vagine #vajayjay #vag #mound
by C.S.Lewis January 16, 2008
Shortened version of vagina and used to diss somebody that is acting like an idiot.
That girl over there has a tight Vaj.
Hey Louis, stop being such a Vaj.
#vagina #vag #vage #pussy #pus #cunt
by Eric Hassleberger January 30, 2007
A short term for the vagina.
Her vaj was soooooo tight till i hit that.

Damn have you gotten into that vaj yet?

Nicole shoved a tampon in her vaj
#vagina #women #vag #pussy #tight
by Joe Hanson July 30, 2008
an abbreviation for a women's vagina but used as an insult to someone who is actin like a homo
Louis! dont be such a vaj.

#vag #vagina #pussy #cunt #vaj
by thetsg98 January 20, 2007
a smelly like person. Usually having a jungle as a pubic area. People by this name are usually unbelievable annoying and act very unintellegent. A gift idea given to many people named vaj is mouth wash or toothpaste to save the world from death by smell. Usually the vaj is licked by a girl named gabby as ally and haley stand idoly by. vaj vaj vaj of the jungle watch out for that smell. You are looking very vajjy today. Smelling kinda vaggy. When it was created it was spelled vag and changed to vaj. thankyou now go home.
plug your nose vaj is coming
watch it vaj
vaj has a jungle
#smell #zaji #gabby #love #jungle #lick #vagina #toothpaste
by Smell Johnson March 10, 2008
my initalis
what up vaj
by vaj November 24, 2003
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