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4 definitions by Berty

Shortened pronounciation of vagina
Shes got a Vaj porn stars would get lost in
by Berty March 10, 2003
a place to go to find porn, hookers, renters, johns etc
by berty June 04, 2003
the art of being naked; being clothless whilst performing humorous things.
Man Joe got nekkid last night and ran down the highway
by Berty April 08, 2005
a word for people who try to be geeks, but somehow cant and say pwned wrong. OWNED becomes PWNED and rhymes. pawned makes it sound like youre playing some lame game of chess.
boy 1: you just got pawned!
boy 2: *cries* well your're not leet. and i'm telling my mom.
boy 3: AWKWARD
by Berty April 09, 2005