a vagina that smells so rank, it could have come from a tuna factory, usually caused by a lot of things going into the vagina without douching/cleaning and the use of little to no proper hygiene.
"I fucked this slut last night with a total vaguna, it was disgusting"
by kissmyassbitchxxx March 31, 2010
Top Definition
a very very large vagina
i was porkin this chick last night, i didn't even have to make effort i fell right into her vaguna
by Dan June 22, 2004
The space in between a woman's breasts.
Bobby: Dude did you see Sylvia's bouncy boobs

JJ: Yea but how bout that fucking vaguna, shits real.
by Hype Cyclone March 28, 2014
The art of protruding your chin so it looks like Cheryl Cole/Tweedy who naturally has one
Oh dear it seems your Vaguna is on show again james. Please put it away...
by Vaguna? March 02, 2010
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