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To Rail a girl hard and long.
i was porkin the brains outa that skank
by brian josterman June 25, 2005
The fat guy who gets owned in Star Wars Episode IV
It was hilarious when Porkins died, lol.
by Bocrominated March 30, 2009
having sex with someone hard ...thats making them squeal like a pig
Dude...where you porkin this chick next door?
by jr123456789 July 16, 2010
To come from behind.
Dude, I was about to ask her out when her boyfriend Porkins'd me!

Inspired by that scene from Star Wars: A New Hope - "They came from... behind!"
by Devin E September 08, 2008
When you roll your weed in a piece of ham , smoke it , and get porked up .
hey john lets go porkin tonight roll sum ham and get porked up .
by bobthemaryjuansmoke August 07, 2011
A very fat man who is often upset by others calling him overweight or fat. Likes to date women of the dark variety and women he does not know. He often cries when people call him gay and is just the fat guy that everyone likes to make fun of. If you give him a chew, he will nearly throw up. He also is very self centered and thinks he's the best at everything, if he does not win he will make excuses as to why he didn't. His most distinct trait is his monstrous temper over things like video games. People often worry he may have a heart attack from his temper tantrums.
He is being the porkins of the party.
Nobody wants to be a porkins.
by Jeff Ibromawitz May 22, 2011
a puerto rican.

someone who is in america but still waves around their little puerto rican flags.
Damn porkins all stand in the middle of the hallway.
by meghan March 12, 2004
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