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The act of judging a woman and her moral fiber solely based on what she has or has not done with her Vagina. Usually based on Judeo-Cristian-Islamic religious doctrine where women are not allowed to have sexual independence. Whenever a woman is judged solely on how many men or women she has had sexual contact with, that woman is being Vaginized.
John: I'm planning on asking out Becky, what do you think?

Mary: Hell no man, she is a slut!

John: But she is funny, smart and we have the same interests. Besides you really liked working with her.

Mary: Yeah, but she is a whore. She has slept with all the boyfriends she's ever had.

John: Mary, stop Vaginizing women. She is more than just a vagina and how she uses it. Besides I have slept with all my girlfriends too. I will ask her out.
by Chele-Atlacatl July 29, 2011
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