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4 definitions by DohEntertainment

The Engineer class from Team Fortress 2 that has a mouth that looks like a woman's vagina, speaks backwards, and usually is seen in gmod videos.
by DohEntertainment February 28, 2010
274 41
Another way of saying penis. Popularized by the soldier in Tf2 from gmod videos.
Soldier: You are Red See Red.
Robotnik: PINGAS.
Soldier: No, Painis.
by DohEntertainment April 09, 2011
87 18
The sound you make when taking Adrenaline. Made famous by Ellis, a chracter from Left 4 Dead 2.
Ellis: Grabbin' a shot
by DohEntertainment August 19, 2010
38 9
Anybody that checks up on you eating or about to eat food.
Person 1: Man, I would so want that cake.
Food Police: Not so fast, your no eating that cake you fatso.
Person 1: Damn Food Police!
by DohEntertainment November 07, 2010
5 0