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4 definitions by DohEntertainment

The Engineer class from Team Fortress 2 that has a mouth that looks like a woman's vagina, speaks backwards, and usually is seen in gmod videos.
by DohEntertainment February 28, 2010
Another way of saying penis. Popularized by the soldier in Tf2 from gmod videos.
Soldier: You are Red See Red.
Robotnik: PINGAS.
Soldier: No, Painis.
by DohEntertainment April 09, 2011
The sound you make when taking Adrenaline. Made famous by Ellis, a chracter from Left 4 Dead 2.
Ellis: Grabbin' a shot
by DohEntertainment August 19, 2010
Anybody that checks up on you eating or about to eat food.
Person 1: Man, I would so want that cake.
Food Police: Not so fast, your no eating that cake you fatso.
Person 1: Damn Food Police!
by DohEntertainment November 07, 2010