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How english people pernounce vagina
Ello there doz that is one fine vaginer
by Doz Mc Claws August 26, 2008
40 14
When you lift up your dong and your balls look like a vagina.
Tommy showed Mike his vaginer!
by Rocke May 09, 2004
51 43
When you tuck your cock and balls between your legs and it looks like you have a vagina.
Mike tucked his cock and balls between his legs and showed everybody his vaginer.
by Rocke December 06, 2005
33 33
What girls have between their legs
"that vaginer is as loose as a goose!
by Robert Roboto August 10, 2003
27 31
something, e.g. a cock, a dildo, a finger or a stick, that is inserted into the vagina. It would especially denote a penis.
The girl is frightened of vaginers.
by uttam maharjan November 11, 2010
5 14
vaginer arrived my a man name Sir Mike Testicals. A lonely rich man with may pubic hairs with split ends. He relized his balls were ichy with a type of mole rat call Mr. nibbs-on-balls. Thus came the word vaginer.
Oh, look at those ruff viginer rashes.
by Mr. Smokes Cock May 10, 2004
15 30