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A fun game between a group of friends where their asshole becomes the bulls-eye. First player (the target) is decided by the longest last name. He/she then begins to assume the position and bend over. The rest of the players take 5 paces away from the rectal target and sprint towards the target aiming for the brown eye. 5 points is awarded for each brown eye bulls-eye. 10 points for a screamer. This game must be played with extreme caution and lots of lube. Anal bleeding, leakage, soreness, and erectial pain may be side effects of this game. This game can be played with or without lube, however lube is highly recommended if you really want to play this worthless game. Girl can play with strap ons and fingers.
The other night, Mark and Tom got competely plastered and invited their friends over for a friendly game of butt darts.
by Rocke August 27, 2006
The act of stuffing your testicles into a female's vagina.
Tex muffstuffed Tara.
by Rocke May 17, 2004
When you lift up your dong and your balls look like a vagina.
Tommy showed Mike his vaginer!
by Rocke May 09, 2004
When one ram's his or her penis into the throat of another individual. Also known as a ramrod.
After 2 shots members from the FRC were completely wasted and gave eachother throat missiles and played butt darts.
by Rocke August 27, 2006
When you tuck your cock and balls between your legs and it looks like you have a vagina.
Mike tucked his cock and balls between his legs and showed everybody his vaginer.
by Rocke December 06, 2005
The everything verb. This word may be used to substitute any verb.
I peeped on the couch last night.

I went to the store to peep some milk.

I peeped my girlfriend last night.

Did you hear the news? Johnny is peeping Sandy!
by Rocke March 05, 2008

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