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1. A super lesbian that takes male hormone injections to look more like a guy than they already do.

2. A skanky lesbian.

3. A guy who sleeps with just about every chick he sees.
Chris Crocker is a Vaginator (definition 1)

Britney Spears is a Vaginator (definition 2)

by xmyklx July 10, 2008
A machine built by the resistance from stolen skynet technology. its primary function is to destroy the vaginas of women who will give birth to the creators of skynet. Its exterior resembles that of a male underwear model to seduce women only to completely destroy their vaginas in bed using a multitude of tools and abilities.
the vaginator was sent back in time to stop skynet from starting up, and thus preventing the end of the world.
by horwitzer June 27, 2010
one who devours pussy. one who loves to play with a females pussy
i was like the vaginator on my woman last night.
by B&L September 28, 2007