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An excessively large, showy, high-fashion, or otherwise completely over-the-top women's hat.
Gay Man 1: "OMG, did you see the vagina hats in the latest Dior show? They were HUGE!"

Gay Man 2: "Gurl! Galliano loves him some hats. They're out of control."
by Cantorum November 08, 2009
The beef curtains are so big you pull them down your head to make a hat
Her beef curtains were so big I made a vagina hat out of it.
by SkyyJohnFan July 06, 2011
similar to ass hat, only instead of having your head up one's ass, it's up one's vag hole
a vagina hat is someone who should pull their head out of their vagina and grow a pair
by thexfunnyxman July 24, 2008