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4 definitions by thexfunnyxman

the study of niggers
marduk mike is a niggologist; obviously his field of study is niggology.
by thexfunnyxman August 29, 2006
(luv-u-miss-u-b-i) n. is a statement made just prior to the departing of a loved one
sarah: loveumissubye
me: goodnight!!
by thexfunnyxman December 25, 2006
similar to ass hat, only instead of having your head up one's ass, it's up one's vag hole
a vagina hat is someone who should pull their head out of their vagina and grow a pair
by thexfunnyxman July 24, 2008
a hot whore of a cellphone company that takes it in the ass and gives great blowjobs, all to provide the best customer service
after "accidently" calling africa....

verizon customer service rep: "hello, how may i help you today?"
me: "yes i just accidently called africa, can i get the charges taken off my bill?"
verizon customer service rep: "sure thing, would you like a complimentary blowjob with that, or to assfuck me as well?"
me: "you betcha"
by thexfunnyxman December 30, 2009