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Seattle, Washington.

Vagina Cake is when you stack multiple girls on top of each other, hence assembling a vagina cake, now you just need to add the icing.
"I stacked em up and had myself a vagina cake."
by Osama Been Laughin March 29, 2009
A two-word phrase used as an entertaining filler during a conversation. It is NOT commonly used to revitalize a dead conversation. Rather, it is used to liven up an already good conversation or to emphasize that the listener (the one using the phrase) has stopped listening or is ready to change the subject.
Woman: "I'm really hungry. I haven't eaten all day. What should we have for dinner tonight?"
Man: "Vagina cakes."
by Ryan H. Stone October 17, 2007
a girl who likes to put a tampon in with the door unlocked and her roommate right outside.
Amber walks in saying "hope your not naked!"
roommate " omg iam i was about to put in a tampon"
Amber "eeeek you are such a vagina-cake"
by southerngirl1713 February 03, 2012
(Noun) Dried residue left upon the panties of a female after a night of hot sex. Also used as muffin topping in germany.
I had a stellar vagina cakes muffin in Frankfurt last week.
by Stafford154 January 13, 2006
the female of the species one would prefer to have sex with, a pretty face, hot but a bit on the chunky side.
adriana looks all that but laetitia takes the vagina cake.
by darth.jesus April 06, 2006
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