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A mutilated penis, partially resembling a vagina.
The eunuch loved to show the crowds his vagenis.
by Oofty February 22, 2007
9 13
1. Half vagina, half penis
2. Descriptive word for a person/thing/object
3. A magical genital
Dayummmm Lady GaGa has the hottest vagenis bernar would love to get in with some of that !


"deejay you smell"
"shutup vagenisface"
"sheit tofu tastes like vagenis"

3. "Holy crap denis has a freaking vagenis !"

"i know man.. tish and damo got in with some of that vagenis!"
"Dayuuum what lucky bitches!"
by junja1234 July 12, 2009
109 28
Like mangina, vagenis is a term which suggests that one has hybrid genitals. Vagenis is the more flattering of the two suggestions or accusations because it assumes a higher degree of femininity.
If I women has a shoe size between 7-9, she could potentially have a vagenis. If she has a shoe size of 9+, she could potentially have a mangina.
by ( ====D ) August 12, 2009
42 31
The term applied to the sexual organs of a shemale.
vagina + penis = vagenis
by superdew October 12, 2004
57 51
Vagina & Penis mixed.
When you can't tell if someone is a man or woman, also a name for a transvestite. You're such a vagenis dude xD
Guy 1: Omg is that a man or a woman??
Guy 2: I dont know dude, it's a vagenis.

Guy 1: That guy is a transvestite!
Guy 2: Woah dude wtf they must have a VAGENIS!!

by Theresa Marie (Tessa) June 01, 2011
2 4
a person that has a vagina and a penis
did you see lady gaga last night at the concert, oh you mean that ugly vagenis!
by ravenman24 January 23, 2011
2 8
The disgusting condition of having a vagina and a penis. Like a mangina, but cooler sounding.
Hannah found out lastnight that Bradley has a vagenis. Now they'll have to stick to butt sex with Kelly's dildo.
by BradleyHasAVagenis July 10, 2010
5 13