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The status of a woman who is not stingy with the pussy.
I would've been home by 4:30, but melissa was being vagenerous.
by MeffinJ February 23, 2008
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Relating to the sexual libidos of women, this is a woman who is generous with her vagina.
That skank is so ugly, but all the guys talk to her. She must be vagenerous, she's too ugly to be a whore.
by Fadgadget April 04, 2008
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An adjective used to describe a woman who sleeps around a ton, has sex with multiple, multiple partners, and/or gives up sex very quickly and easily, i.e. on the first date.
"Dude, I totally nailed Brittany last night."
"Wasn't that your guys' first date?"
"Well, that was very vagenerous of her."
by Ole' Lefty March 12, 2010
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