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Voice of God, usually used in reference to the late Don LaFontaine, the voice actor who did virtually every movie trailer from 1970 to 2008.

"In a world..."
"In a time..."
"One man will rise..."

Now used to describe voice actors with powerful, bass voices. (Andy Geller, James Earl Jones)
"Man, did you hear that guy? He had the VOG!"
by VoiceMaster March 07, 2010
Abbreviation of 'Verging on gay' - an alternative word to 'metrosexual'
No, he's a VOG. He's just a straight guy who likes to wear make up.
by anonymouse* January 09, 2011
A fog-like discharge from an unclean woman's vagina.
I once stuck my dick in a girl's asshole because her vog was so thick that it was the only hole i could find.

That skanky girl Eli was with queefed, and we couldn't see 3 inches in front of our face through the heavy vog.
by Oshea121 March 31, 2011
Acronyn for the, "Voice of God," otherwise known as Christopher, who speaks in a godlike manner.
Every day we would make VOG stop and say, "Hi," to us.
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
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