Very Inadequate Penis
Jessy: How was sex with Kendall last night?
Alyssa: It wasn't that good he has a VIP.
by MOW7 June 30, 2011
Very impressive penis
Girl 1: Ya know that kid, Owen?
Girl 2: BIG O?! Yeah who could miss his VIP?
Boy 1: I heard it was a footlong
Girl 1: $5 footlong?
Girl 2: VIP? More like VVVVVIP
by lorenzo11 February 13, 2012
Vagina Influenced Personality

When a man becomes pussy whipped, he starts thinking like a vagina. Like his girlfriend's vagina, his brain becomes a hollowed-out void of moist nothingness. Her pussy lips start effecting everything that comes out of his lips. Everything he says to and around her is in hopes of appeasing her so that she will give him vagina access. Common symptoms: Kissing her ass, apologizing for everything, thinking before EVERYTHING you say to her, continuously telling your friends they are "immature" in her presence.
My good buddy Zack told me this dirty joke the other day. When I repeated it in from of his girlfriend, he told me that I was a pervert and that I need to show some respect in front of her. And when I explained that he's the one that told me the joke, he denies it in front of her. Zach has a bad case of the V.I.P.
by Dicky L. July 10, 2008
Rare prison or criminal slang term for Vicious Individual Person.. Mostly used with european criminals (amsterdam to eastern europe)and in some parts of the states..
You heard what that v.i.p did last night? he cut his finger off because he didnt payed that 20 €uros in time..
That bastard is the most V.I.P'st mofo on the planet.
by gridsam May 27, 2008
Vegan In Progress - Someone who is omnivore or vegetarian and is on the verge of going vegan or is considering veganism. This person eats vegan meals regularly without whining about it. They might even call themselves "vegan-ish" or "vegan-esque."
Sarah: Hey, look! Here comes Ron.

Jeanine: He's cute. Is he vegan? I'd be into him if he's vegan.
Sarah: No, he's not a vegan, but he's almost. He's a VIP.
by kangarooelaine July 24, 2009
Very Impressive Pube(s)

A pube that is significantly impressive compared to others, this may be in lengths, width, colour or even curlyness.
"Omg! Look at that pube I just ripped out, I think that qualifies as a VIP!"
by Adam Roberts the DOBBER July 22, 2008
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