1) Very Important Person

2) Another way of describing a remix in some electronic dance music such as Breakbeat and Drum and Bass.


1) "VIP seating area"

2) "Planet Music VIP is so much better than the original. Danny Byrd is still on form!"
by LaurieEwen December 10, 2008
Vaginal Irrigation Packet.

This is in accordance with the principle that anyone who would call themselves a VIP, or insist on VIP treatment is inherently a douchebag.
There go the celebs heading for the VIP seats. Total bunch of douchebags.
by George McBob May 06, 2009
Very Important Person

for special people, i.e. at the airport, the V.I.P. lounge.
"This section is reserved for V.I.P.'s only"
by kool_k9 November 21, 2006
da best.
Very Importan Person or People
TIP comin live from the VIP.
by julliams February 23, 2005
A very important person
VIP room 102 for President Bush
by Nate Alvarado May 31, 2003
V.I.P: Vagina In-Pocket. When you know you got a girl's pussy conquered, you know you got love-makin' in the bag, it's goin down 2NITE.
The usefulness of this word is you can talk about a girl you're about to shag around many people, even right in front of her haha, but because VIP is already commonly used to refer to a Very Important Person, she won't notice that you are bragging/divulging sensitive information.
Very diverse usage.
Lady-Killer: Bro, I have been at this club for only a few hours, and i ALREADY got V.I.P. I'd like you to meet Kandy.
Bro: Boss, bro, boss
Hoe: Hi! My name is Kandy!
by Nasty_N8 January 14, 2011
Vips is a state of mind in which one may reach. It includes many forms such as sitting on your ass and doing nothing, or complaining about anything and many others. If one has reached the eternal state of vips, they will live life in a whirlwind of emotions and may randomly get mad at anyone or anything. However, vips may be a good state of mind to reach also. In order to do this for the greater good, one must truly control the state of mind known as vips.
Bro: Dude I haven't done anything for 4 days but sit on my ass.

Bro 2: Sounds like you reached a bit of vips.
by ilikejigglyjuggs January 31, 2011

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