Very Important Persian
Are you a vip?

Yes, I am a very important persian.
by Very Important Persian December 07, 2010
VIP (or sometimes V.I.P) means either Very Important Person or Very Idiotic Person.
Celebrities are VIPs, but so are those preppy nerds who think they know it all, when they can't spell even 3 letter words.
by SomeoneWhoCanWrite November 25, 2008
The act of riding in the back seat of a car when the front passenger seat is available.
Tommy: "Do you want to sit up front?"
Tony C: "No, it's cool. I'm gonna ride VIP."
by Tommy May 18, 2004
Very Intoxicated Person
Aye look here comes a vip and she has booty to.
by drake ma nigga January 14, 2015
Very Inconvenient Prick, Very Irritating Passenger (and variants)
Flight attendant: "Take your chill pills, we've got a VIP on 12B complaining about his peanuts."
by Shiaoran December 09, 2013
Very Intoxicated Person
Look at that VIP. He should not drank so much!
by AJ Forbes March 20, 2010
Girl that is not wearing any panties
I was dancing with this girl when she told me she was rolling VIP, instant chub! originating from the "junkies" on talk radio
by dont_sleep77 May 04, 2010

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