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Abbreviation for Varsity Fanclub, a super-talented, up-and-coming American boyband, signed to Capitol Records. They have great songs, great voices (they sing live!), and great dance moves, and they're cute to boot!

Group Members:
-Jayk Purdy
-Drew Ryan Scott
-Thomas Fiss
-Bobby Edner
-David Lei Brandt

and did I mention that they write/co-write their songs?
"How many people can do it like VFC?"
by digthewarmth October 03, 2008
An abbreviation for Very Fucking Confusing.
Man 1: "Sup Dawg, Wat U Do Yesturdai?"
Man 2: "Wow, what you said was very fucking confusing or VFC."
by tommy11111111 February 27, 2010
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