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A Good Punk Band produced by John Feldmann.
The Used kick ass
by Jake December 12, 2003
40 92
A bitch that gets fucked so much that her pussy can be heard flopping back and forth as she walks.
Yo homey, you shouldn't try to hit that. That bitch is used.
by Blake February 26, 2004
471 139
a) When someone was led into a relationship and merely "used" for sex.

b) a slut

c) no value, since it has no use.
"She got used"

"She is used"

"Used cigarette"
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
141 92
Familiar with or accustomed to something.
My husband beats me but it's ok I'm used to it.
by Michael Fincher March 28, 2008
36 46
2)on sale
3)yard sale
Karen: "How much did you spend on your bass?"
Joe: $800".
Karen: "Brock's bassist spent $300 on his bass!"
Joe: "Well, his bassist must have bought a really used bass to spend that much on it."
by Karen Stickney August 22, 2006
31 51
if you're a girl it's when you go to a party and drink alot and then you meet some guy and you go and fool around

if you're a guy its when you meet a girl and take advantage of her situation...
her being drunk, emotionaly down...anything
"Man that girl was so used, that guy fucked her up."
"Last Saurday I went to this party and i drank soo much and then I met this guy names Cory and he tried to get in my pants and i couldnt stop him because i was soo drunk. He used me"
by whatever you wish October 09, 2005
53 80