A nickname for "Smoke and Run" AKA "Hit and Run", considered by many an Usain-Bolt-like move.
Luke: Hey guys, did Timmy pull the old Usain Bolt on us again?
Samuel: He was so fast I didn't even notice.
by Scratch City Baby November 03, 2012
To leave quickly or suddenly
Man, I'm tired of this party, let's Usain Bolt outta here.
by Beeyouzeezee August 18, 2009
Nicknamed Usain "The Lightning" Bolt is the fastest motherfucker from Jamaica who beat the world record of the 100 meters with 9.69 seconds jogging.
Usain Bolt has a unique name that is well fitted because he is as fast as lightning, if not faster...
by Slice/Actafoolzz August 18, 2008
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