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An embarrassing mistake made in relation to a singer, actor or other celebrity's name. Frequently seen when someone is pretending to be a fan of someone that they know little about. Made all the more hilarious when the person professes to be an expert.
"Of course I'm a fan of soul music, I just love Urethra Franklin." (mistake meaning Aretha Franklin)
by RuuElisa July 30, 2010
A really good female soul singer with a really funny first name; her parents were either really sadistic or just not thinking when they named her.
I love that scene from The Blues Brothers when Urethra Franklin starts singing and dancing in the diner
by andy1 September 13, 2006
Receiving a golden shower while singing in the tub.
R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.
by ldzpplin518 May 23, 2005
a famous soul singer vulgarised
thats not arethra-thats urethra!
by Gurpal May 24, 2004
The inevitable name Aretha Franklin will choose after her peniplasty. Because of her strength and courage to change gender roles and possess a phony dick, she will become an inspiration to adults and children alike.
Urethra Franklin: I'm strong and proud, baby!.

Other Guy: How?

Urethra Franklin: Because women of the world will want me and scream my name URETHRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Other Guy: Sorry, that won't happen.

Urethra Franklin: One day it won't matter what you are or who y...(interupted)

Some Other Guy: Get over yourself you made a mistake.
by insaneneighbor September 11, 2010
A male genital piercing, see also prince albert.
Now that I have my nips pierced, the next step is a Urethra Franklin.
by Gabe Nowicki September 11, 2005
A move involving one dick inside another (via urethra)
"I did a Urethra Franklin, and my p-hole is now the size of my b-hole."
by Alex Thomas Yarbrough March 14, 2008

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