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A fun, loving, energetic, athletic and charming person. A great friend, and excellent dedicated boyfriend. Strong and masculine character, and with a strong and masculine name must be straight.
You are such an urbano
by CaliFas April 08, 2010
30 11
A hot guy whos so freakn awesome and im glad hes my boyfriend.hes loud but in a good way and super sweet:) hes usaully a guy thats first your best friend then he secretly likes you c: his hair is unique as his personality and name :)
i lalalalalove him :D
Urbano is freakn funny !
by sandwhich88 September 17, 2011
18 6
A loud guy who you have to get to know in order to see his sweet nice personality side. this guy defintly has game and major swag. Hes mexican and hot. He can pull girls easily .One thing amazing about him is that he has straight teeth and beautiful eyes,He kicks ass and a person worth meeting. Hes taken by his girlfriend currently . But that doesnt mean you shouldnt get to know him.
Urbano is so funny !
by Icecream571 October 24, 2011
13 4
A sexy boy who constantly gets girls. Too bad he is a homosexual.
He's such an urbano.
by John Lakes April 12, 2006
29 46