a site used for looking up words that your afraid to ask your parents
i just looked up ghetto on www.urbandictionary.com
by Jesse December 31, 2003
A publically world wide wesbite where anonymous uses can post and read extremely defiling insults regardning Chase Rodrigue
I am going to have fun at UrbanDictionary.com
See 'explosive diarhhea'
by Tyler February 01, 2003
It is an English slang dictionary like web site important for the non-native English speaking people to understand what the native English speaking meant when swearing or been mean or naughty.

Also it is important for the native English speaking people do understand what is the hell they are talking about!
I did not understand what she meant when she asked me to fudgepack her till I found UrbanDictionary.com
by Jess December 27, 2003
The site where people of the entire world can come together, and laugh their asses off while high. awesome
Bob: Dude, after toking I totally was stuck on Urbandictionary.com

Bob2: Awwweesome man
by yo, high August 20, 2011
a website where one can create their own definitions to common (or original) words; a website which refuses to post positive definitions of such people as lance bass (i.e. lance bass is an angel of music and a very genuine person), but allows crude statements about them (i.e lance bass is a faggot that needs to die) therefore making it a senseless organization of ignorance.
I tried to post something positive and uplifting on urbandictionary.com, but they rejected it... but I saw a cruel, demeaning definition for the same word I originally tried to post on the website... what is this world coming to?
by Jinx2013 October 14, 2009
Only the raddest website to go to when you don't know slang words. You can add stuff too. Radicle! So nifty, isn't it?
Jamie: So one time, I was talking to Chey, and she said cunt, and I didnt know what it meant.
Maya: ...
Jamie: I knew I would be retarded if I asked her, so guess what I did.
Maya: NO WAY!!!
Maya: lawl! LAWWWWLLLLL!!!!
Jamie: urbandictionary.com rox our sox :]
by jamieeeeeeeeeeeeeelovesmaya December 11, 2007
The best place for slang translators. True... True...
I was looking for the definition of 'thingamajig' all over the dictionaries that I have, with no effect. And then... boom! I went to urbandictionary.com and I've found it!
by Tygrysie April 02, 2004

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