A website that allows you to search words not normally found on any other dictionary-like website.
I think I like urbandictionary.com better than dictionary.com
by WOAHkupkakez100 June 14, 2010
Great website used to define slang words/terms. Terms are posted by bloggers. Many terms are accurate.
The website is getting overrun by sex terms that don't even exist: Greek Soldier? Irish Blumpkin? The site is also getting overrun by drinking terms
1:Hey whats a crackass

2:I looked it up on Urbandictionary.com, it means an idiot

1:Oh sweet, what's an Irish Blumpkin?

2: GTFO you crackass...
by Mad Jak March 04, 2009
a site used for looking up words that your afraid to ask your parents
i just looked up ghetto on www.urbandictionary.com
by Jesse December 31, 2003
A website that features the meaning of new slang words.
Guy: What does WTF mean?
Urbandictionary.com: What The Fuck
by xxalienz__ July 30, 2015
It is an English slang dictionary like web site important for the non-native English speaking people to understand what the native English speaking meant when swearing or been mean or naughty.

Also it is important for the native English speaking people do understand what is the hell they are talking about!
I did not understand what she meant when she asked me to fudgepack her till I found UrbanDictionary.com
by Jess December 27, 2003
What's the definition?
Remember: Write for a large audience. Lots of people will read this, so give some background information.

Don't name your friends. We'll reject inside jokes and definitions naming non-celebrities.
In the boxes above, link to other words with square brackets. For example, booty will become booty.

by onewhodies November 14, 2010
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