The site you are on right now
you are on right now dipshit
by DizzyLizzy February 14, 2007
1. Urban Dictionary is the dictionary you wrote.
2. The online slang dictionary you're on right now.
1. Define your world.
2. I wonder what this means. I'll search!
by Kitty H. December 11, 2008
u know like in 'transformers' wen the autobots came to earth and were speaking english and one of them said ''we learned earth's language from the world wide web''... if they had visited/learned from, they would have destroyed every single life form on this sad stupid-definitions-by-retarded-teens-on-waste-of-internet-space-websites-like-urbandictionary chinese-populated planet of ours.
autobot: we learnd earth's language from

optimus prime: and now, instead of saving these weak fucktards from the deceptitards, we must destroy this chinese-people-infested wasteland!!!

other autobots: hey mehngg! wtf!!, u must have had a shit load of gay men's jizz fo' breakfast!!


*and they all self-distruct and wipe out humanity*
by an airborne thing December 21, 2009
the next best innovation since Thomas Eddison's lightbulb
A haven of words your parents and/or teachers and won't teach you.
by Davix Liz May 17, 2004
a good way to avoid getting shizzle done and still get a fularious education rules my fucking life.
by PaperMachete October 24, 2005
A website that has magically replaced many hours of my life that would have otherwise spent chain-smoking with laughter and the occasional moment of insight. Had it not been for this website, I probably would have no idea what pikeys are really like, other than what I have seen in the movie Snatch. kicks ass.
Before I found, I was a complete loser. Now.........yeah...
by friend of bob May 18, 2004
A popular internet dictionary, and the best one that you will ever find. Any other online dictionary is a piece of shit.
If you don't know what is, you're a true dumbass! (In case that is the case, it is THIS SITE!!)
by jk44 April 08, 2007

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