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1. A website designed to allow people whom are familiar with esoteric slang/colloquialism to write definitions of said words to aid others in their understanding, thus using the power of the internet user to better the world.

2. A great way for losers with some spare time to vent about a given subject under the twin, thin veils of half-arsed wit and vain pseudo-profundity. To qualify for this second meaning, it's important to have the first sentence clause ("clause" is used as most of the definition is the first, unending sentence) be a vague description of what the word really means and that the rest of the six paragraphs are what the loser in question has gathered about the subject from their own personal, anecdotal evidence and what their cool friends said about the topic. Objectivity is also a deal-breaker.
1. See: css

Cascading Style Sheets. An extension to HTML which are most often used to set default styles so that the equivalent HTML code does not need to be retyped. It is also used for its method of positioning- items can be set above others and screen-proportional settings don't apply. Among the tags that were deprecated in favour of CSS is the famous FONT tag, but it is so useful it will never be completely written out. Interesting, CSS does not set font sizes by HTML standards (1 to 7) but as pixel-based sizes, like those used in word processors. CSS can be specified in the HTML code itself in the head tag, or linked to from a separate file - a remote style sheet. As well as these to methods, a single element can be specified with CSS styles by using the 'style' attribute in the tag. This only affects the tag the attribute is used in that one time. As far as I am aware, CSS is the only way to set a division to overflow.
The structure of CSS is similar to that of HTML, except triangular brackets are replaced with 'squiggly' parenthesis - "{" and "}". The tag itself is outside of the brackets, however, unlike HTML. The equals-sign is replaced with a colon, and quotes are implied until a semi-colon. Attributes must be ended with a semi-colon, therefore.

"That's some fancy CSS..."

2. See: myspace

"Absolutely pointless "networking tool" that high school students overuse in an attempt to gain and then flaunt popularity ... it became a contest to see who could get the most "friends" added... (and by friends I mean other insecure teenagers adding you back in order to increase THEIR OWN friends count)." -urbandictionary.com

See: AFI

"afi stands for "a faggot inmybutthole". Their music can be compared to the sound of babies being devoured by lucifer, pigs being mass slaughtered, and emo kids crying as they cut themselves to sleep

Emo kid: dude i love afi
normal kid: dude, you think your life sucks? try being a vietnameese prostitute that gets raped every day and has to use coat hangers to perform abortions on herself. Then talk to me about your life
Emo kid: im to deep for you to understand! *runs away crying with eyeliner runing down face*"
by annoyed226 December 27, 2006

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