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A Quake III mod by Silicon Ice Development. Focuses on realistic based game-play, instead of sci-fi retartedness. Good for those who are sick of back-water Counter Strike ass-holes talking "l33t" at you.
Urban Terror owns you.
by Slang June 23, 2003
A mod for the computer game Quake 3
1. Let's go play some Urban Terror.
by BlackRider March 09, 2003
a mod for quakeIII, soon to go independant.
the game that 3bt gets pwnt at time and time again by the Aesir Dynasty.
the AD owns 3bt at Urban Terror, because 3bt is a bunch of hobags
by Futhark February 20, 2004
A hopelessly addictive, intentionally broken game wherein the developers eventually get syphilis and die.
I sawed my hands off, but still ended up playing Urban Terror with my bloody stumps.
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
A Quake3 mod, sometimes abbreviated to UrT (because UT is already taken by Unreal Tournament). Do me a favor and go to instead.
Navy Seals - Covert Operations is better than UrT
by Kenthar October 31, 2003
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