Dickheads who write wanky and useless definitions that are usually insults aimed at one person or a small group of people.
Urban Dictionary Bugs suck ass.
by Rohan January 08, 2004
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A problem discovered in 2010, that one could exploit a bug on Urban Dictionary which allowed one to go into the source code and either up-vote or down-vote definitions hundreds of times instantly -- basically game Urban Dictionary. A few weeks after this was discovered, Urban Dictionary corrected the bug so that it could no longer be exploited. However, the definitions already affected remained with multiple fake up-votes or down-votes.
Did you see a random definition on Urban Dictionary that few people would look up yet it has 1500 up-votes? Do you see an author who has multiple definitions with thousands of up-votes on them all and a comparably tiny number of down-votes? Probably a result of them exploiting the Urban Dictionary Bug.
by thecompugeek January 29, 2014
people who are puttin there own opions on this site
George Bush.
by Matt January 13, 2004

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